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A century ago, Richard Simon and Max Schuster founded a small publishing company. Their first titles were crossword puzzle books, but they quickly moved to a broad range of popular titles, always dedicated to introducing their authors’ books to the most readers. 
Today, Simon & Schuster is the largest independent trade publisher of adult and children’s books, with a legacy of distinguished award winners, breakout bestsellers, and literary gems in every genre. 

Author! Author! A Simon & Schuster Centennial Celebration

Join more than thirty authors at The Town Hall in NYC on April 8th.

Celebrate Our Centennial With Us!

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Celebrate Women's History Month

From fiction to history, find inspiration through these empowering voices.

Celebrating 100 Years of Books

"Don't pass judgement on a manuscript as it is, but as it can be made to be."
—Max Schuster