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Sing You Home

A Novel

From the award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author whom USA TODAY calls a “master of the page-turner,” comes the spectacular story of a woman’s complex quest to form a family.


Expiration Dates

A Novel

Dear Reader,

No matter what chaos unfolds in the world, certain perennial questions persist, creating a timeless dialogue. The constant interplay between fate and free will, the intricate dance where choice waltzes with destiny, remains a captivating conversation piece. In our March book club pick, Expiration Dates, the fearless wordsmith and New York Times bestseller, Rebecca Serle, fearlessly tackles these profound questions head-on

From the outset of Daphne Bell’s romantic journey, she’s received letters bearing the name of her current love interest and a length of time—which experience has shown is the length of time she’s destined to be in that relationship. As Daphne gears up for a blind date with Jake, the anticipation is palpable, especially when the note arrives without a date leaving her to wonder whether Jake might be "the one" and sparking curiosity about what would happen if she wanted a previously “expired” love to come back or last longer than what seems to be pre-destined.

Expiration Dates emerges not only as a love story to oneself but also as a gripping rollercoaster ride, complete with unexpected twists and turns. The narrative unravels in ways that defy expectations, ensuring that nothing is quite as it initially appears. Readers will revel in the thrilling journey alongside Daphne as she attempts to find love against all odds, with the added hope of laying her self-sabotaging tendencies to rest once and for all.

In the end, Expiration Dates is not just a novel; it's an invitation to explore the intricacies of destiny, the choices that define us, and the elusive dance between love and self-discovery. Your book club is in for an exhilarating journey, where discussions will flow as freely as the questions that linger, waiting to be unraveled.

-Book Club Favorites




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